Monday, July 26, 2010

A finger in the Cherry Pie.

Yup! Allow me to elaborate on it soon...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Cherry Pie.

Ok, recently I've been introduced into a new environment and surrounding. It's been pretty ok thus far. Well, it helps that I have found a girl of interest and guess what? The feeling's mutual. I've long forgotten about the whiny 'lil tan chick. Her pussy and blow ain't worth the ranting in my ear.

Anyway, back to the main girl now. She's something else. She's pretty and she's different. Different but sharing a couple things with me. That makes us common. So, we've only known each other for a couple of days, but we've started to be pretty transparent about our affection for one another. However, as luck would have it, our 'lil romance of sorts is kinda forbidden. I don't have to be explicit about why it is so, but I guess you can pretty much decipher it yourself.

Now, our time together is pretty much subject to external factors and schedules. That part I don't quite like. Eyes are around us as well, so we can't quite ever have time to ourselves, lest tongues go wagging. So far, we haven't had much (physical) contact and I find that just fine. I don't see her as a slot or a means to an end. No intentions of making her my booty-call, either. It's funny, but we've mentioned the sex bit, but we're just seeing how things progress. If you're thinking so, then let me stop you in your tracks, no, I'm not thinking of a serious relationship with her, either. I don't know what you can call this? A fling? Sounds too casual and shallow. Hmmm... whatever it is, I'm interested to see where this goes. Somewhere with sunshine and blue skies, I hope.

Pardon me, if everything seems very fragmented. I'm rather worn by a day of work.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pleasures taking a backseat.


So, I've been rather occupied at work. Worn out by that and other brain-drainers. I hadn't had time to go about doing the things I like. Hiatuses in everything from blogging, doing exercise/sports, watching every damn movie, even fornication. Yup, just been too nonchalant about it. I mean, of course, life is not just about filling a hole or having a hole filled, but it is a clear sign that pleasures have taken a backseat. Work and not much play in the last week has made the Key a dull whatchamacallit... I don't know.

Time to get some shut eye for now.

This week I will for sure return.
Come again? Yes, come again on her belly.

For Perky Tits & Killer Legs,
The Key.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

She just wanted the Key in her hole.

Hello. I'm glad Lakers won yet again. Also, I'm bored of the World Cup.

So regarding the title... yup, it's just as it states up there - she just wanted to fuck. Like an animal in heat or something. Ok, my bad (maybe) - the week before, I told her it would be fine for us to meet after work and then head over to my place to get it. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, something came up and she couldn't have me fuck her. I wasn't dying to tap that, but she sure was unhappy and started acting like a bloody 3 year old.

I mean, she was seeing someone and this was just a transaction of sorts. Call it whatever you desire... booty calls... fuck buddies... friends with benefits... you-want-some-dick-sure-have-mine thing. So, what does it mean? No commitments and no strings attached and purely for fun. Two consenting adults having a fuck.

But, no... she started defecating from her mouth about this and that, all while I was in the office. I mean, c'mon, what's up with that nonsense? Honestly, if she weren't such an attention-seeking child, I probably would be more proactive in arranging for consensual sex. Ok, I just realised the terms I've been using on her and to describe this situation makes her sound like she's pre-sixteen. However, fret not - she was born in the 80's.

All my brothers (and/or sisters) out there, do you feel me? I don't know what else to say. Is she so into me that she constantly wants me to put it into her? Whatever it is, I'm abstaining from her mouth and hole for an extended amount of time. Maybe forever.

I'd rather swing my balls again with the chick whose defenses I penetrated last World Cup. Now, that's really something worth staying up for - a match engraved into history!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

She came over.

Yeah, this chick is the younger sister of a friend. She's kinda complexed. Half the time she's just treating the would-be session like a transaction, the other half like something more than a little romp. Whatever it is. It was a weekday rendezvous.

It was out-of-the-blue. Random. (Search Thesaurus and insert synonyms here)

We were sending each other texts - topic was when and how to get it on - and I kinda got an inch so I sounded her out to just head on over to my place right then. She asked if I were serious and I hesitated. I don't know.

Anyway, halfway through, she became silent and only to tell me minutes later that she was getting dressed to come over. I asked her what she had on. She had put on a dress for me. Makes the stripping down easily she tells me.

I replied, "Ok".

So I had to keep a look-out so she came over on a cab. I guarded her, on the phone, to my place as I spotted her from my window. She was indeed in a dress.

I think they call it a bodycon. I opened my front door and she was standing there smiling. I guided her to my room in hand and locked the door behind us. She asked to sit on the bed and she did. I put her stuff down on my table and join her on the bed. We switched sides and she cuddled me on my chest.

She said it was funny, referring to the whole situation. Well, I just thought it was sudden. So within the minute, we started to make out. I reached my hand down to grab her round tush. She isn't your size O, but a good size. So, I moved my hand up and cupped her B-cups and they were a good size as well.

She was 'disciplined', but I had my hands exploring all over. Then, I put my hand in under her short dress and started rubbing her. She was putting it across to me clearly that she was enjoying it. I pushed her knickers aside and toyed with her trimmed clit. Her pussy was plump and tight. It was nice. I alternated behind rubbing and fingering and she was going nuts. I'll have you know she's a loud one.

I obviously didn't wanna watch my family up so I had to muffle her with more kisses. I told her to remove her knickers and continued to play with her muff a while more before getting her to remove her dress. Of course, she got me to remove my shorts as well.

With all those pieces of clothing gone, things kinda speed up from here on out. She started to tug at my dick as I continued to please her with my hand (for now). It wasn't the best handjob I must say. I think she was just too frisky and all to really do me a nice one. This stage in foreplay continued for a bit and she just continued to moan and 'uhh' loudly. Then, she suddenly stopped and straddled me. I think she wanted to be on top and then turn foreplay into a rodeo. But, no way, was she gonna step a step man! Hell no!

I told her, "How about some head?", she replied with gags.

She swiftly moved down and started going down on me. She was going at a good speed. It felt good. Definitely one up from her handjob. Her blowjob was good. I squeezed her breast as she continued to suck. She just kept on blowing me, never really seeming to need to come up for air or whatever. Only awhile later did she release her mouth from around my dick with a smack. She jerked on me for a couple of times and proceeded to give me more head. It was good again.

After some decent blowjob, she lied back down beside me. Well, we all know what time it is. It was time to fuck. I got on top of her as she spread her legs for me. She blamed the air-conditioning for making her kinda dry. I thought she was kinda tight.

Key in her hole. She was pleased. I started to slide myself in and out of her and she was moaning crazy again. Her pussy was tight. I picked up to 'cruising speed' and leaned in for a kiss to muffle her again. I got back up and continued my pumping. Looking down at her, I cupped her nice tits and went in to suck on her nipples again. They were soft and yet hard. I can't quite explain it, but yea you should get me. If not, I'm sorry, just try to imagine it.

We were in missionary position for a while, before I withdrew to suck on her nipples again and then switching to the 'spoons'. If you read "The Key" you'd know the 'spoons' is one of my favourite positions. Coincidentally, it was one of hers too. I lifted her left leg to join her right, then I laid down behind her and led myself back into her from behind. In the position, I just continued to fuck her. She pushed her short hair to the side, which I thought was quite hot. She continued her moaning as I squeezed her breast, while going in and out of her.

Anyway, that's the awesome thing about the 'spoons'. You can go relatively fast in that position and your hands can still move all over. From pleasuring yourself with some breast-grabbing to pleasuring her with a little rub. You can also still make out or just nibble on her neck, giving her the extra high.

I spooned her for a good while before withdrawing again to return to missionary. We encountered some resistance upon the point of entry, so I stood up with one leg on the bed and the other on the floor. Immediately, she sat up and put my dick in her mouth and wanting me to fuck her mouth. She initiated by bobbing her head and I just reciprocated by thrusting my hips forwards. It felt wonderful. She gave me some good head before lying back down and spreading her legs.

The Key re-entered her hole and she again became vocal. Come to think of it, it was either I kiss her more and harder or I just stick my dick back into her mouth. But, at that moment, I was comfortably in her, enjoying the moist walls of her wonderland.

Soon enough, I felt a little tingle within me and I adjusted my pace to lengthen my stay. Sooner still, upon the point of no return, I accelerated and thrusted her hard and fast. A quick withdrawal, I cummed a big, big load on her tan body. She was all smiley and pleased.

She laid down on her back as I cleaned her up. We got dressed and hung out a little before I saw her off.

She has never swallowed, so that's what we're looking at for the next bout. Hmm...